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You have probably heard of SIP’s. SIPs are a generic term used to describe structural insulated panels. SIP’s were first developed in the 1950’s and are now manufactured by dozens of companies across the world. SIPs are an energy efficient green building system that greatly reduces the time and cost of construction projects. Quick Walls SIPs  are a sandwich panel consisting of a PIR – Polyurathane Fire Rated Core injection moulded to  magnesium based cement board skin either side.  The benefits of SIPs houses are that they use around 50% of the energy to heat & cool, that they allow an extremely fast construction time and that they are around 10 times stronger than an average timber frame house.

We believe that SIPs are the future of all housing for the sheer benefit in cost, time, energy and strength.

Panel Dimensions:  Height  2700 mm:  Width 1200 mm:  Thickness 115 mm:   R Rating 4.75:  Weight 100 Kilograms:

         BV v SIPs Comparison   Brick Veneer Wall Costs p.sm.

         BV v SIPS Comparison  Structural Insulated Panel  Wall Costs p.sm. 

Panel RRP $ 420   :  Equates to $130 sq.m.

*Robotic PIR SIPs Manufacturing Line


Quick Walls PU SIPs Panel DWG V 14

Quick Walls PIR SIPs Robotic Manufacturing Line V4

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